The Continuous Refle(a)ction exhibit brought together 34 artists and designers to question their role of taking action and reflecting on the relationship between the material world and the natural environment. The focus of our studios commission for this exhibit was to showcase the diverse ways of upcycling waste glass, while taking inspiration by the Songzhuang craft heritage, an art community in Beijing. 


Focusing on locally collected single-use glass bottles, we collaborated with local artisans to create a semi-glass tiled bench.Inspired by the community’s craft heritage we fused both our own upcycling technique of glass with the knowledge of a local ceramic artist, creating various glass based tiles in the process. Such were used to create a tiled seating surface that would let people directly interact with the upcycled glass when sitting down.

Through such an mundane action as sitting down, the Songzhuang Glass Bench aims to trigger the viewers thought to reflect on what sustainable behaviour means; giving both cues through the reflective materiality of the waste glass and brass when exposed to light, as well as creating a  provocation surrounding whether a waste material can be given the qualities of something luxurious or viewed of value today.


Concept & Design: Studio Florian and Christine

Commission: Morcreate | Continuous Refle(a)ction

Production: Studio Florian and Christine

Photography: Studio Florian and Christine