'Hong Kong Plastic | Local Craft Innovation' is a project combining local craft techniques with waste plastic material collected in Hong Kong. As a studio, we are interested in investigating how location-specific waste materials can become upcycled and re-designed in collaboration with local craft to create objects and artefacts that are relevant in a contemporary context.


We were researching how found waste material can be utilised and redesigned in a modern design context, specifically for Asia. As a result, we became interested in how plastic straws, which currently cannot be recycled in Hong Kong, could be repurposed and designed to create something of value and relevance. We began the design process by utilising used plastic straws and food containers that were collected from local restaurants.  

We worked with a local plastic upcycling studio (Gauu1 UP) in Hong Kong. The plastic straws were melted into different forms. In result we developed this recycled food industry plastic into a series of stone-like seal stamps, which are of historical importance in China. This collection of upcycled plastic stamps is composed of four seal stamps that print Hong Kong Plastic / 香港塑膠  .


Wanting to connect the footprint of the materiality to the local environment, these design objects are meant to create discussion on how a single use item like the plastic straw can be transformed into an object of cultural value and relevance in a contemporary context.


Concept & Design: Studio Florian and Christine

Material Exploration: Studio Florian and Christine x Gauu1 Up

Production: Studio Florian and Christine x Gauu1 Up

Photography: Studio Florian and Christine