We wanted to challenge whether we could achieve a recycled surface that resembled marble or stone. Through this material illusion, we want to create a provocation surrounding whether a waste material can be given the qualities of something luxurious or viewed of value today. 

Our final light object is made of local recycled PP Plastic, made to resemble marble. We combined this material with metal detailing, crafted in collaboration with a local metal artist. Ultimately, this project was conceived through the collaboration of the interest of the younger generation of Hong Kong, and also the older generation of heritage craftsmen, and brought together by our studio's design research and experimentation to preserve and bring awareness towards plastic waste for a modern design context.

Our waste material research has led us to Hong Kong, a city that is statistically one of the most wasteful cities in this world. We have been exploring different upcycling techniques, and during our plastic upcycling research, under the Design Trust Futures 2019 theme, we were invited to share our work with ESF Island School and KGV school. Through this interaction, we created workshops based on our studio design methodology of waste material upcycling and how we incorporate local heritage craft through innovative design thinking.

In collaboration with the International Schools, we experimented with different plastic injection and extrusion processes and created a workshop to design light objects. Through our plastic recycling process, together with the students we experimented with the colour and texture of waste plastic.


Concept & Design: Studio Florian and Christine

Program Organiser: Design Trust Futures Studio

Material Exploration: Studio Florian and Christine

Production: Studio Florian and Christine, ESF Design & Technology Department, Kong Hing Kau (Metal)

Photography: Studio Florian and Christine

Workspace: ESF Design & Technology Department