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Video |Tai O Light | Directed by Ricky Nyhoff

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Through these two very different craft processes, traditional fish net weaving and 3D printing, we found a similarity through them by using only sustainable materials—natural rope fibres and 100% recycled fish net nylon 3D filament. This methodology of using high-lo craft and incorporate heritage and innovation, resulted in a final lighting design object that reflects how both old and new crafting processes can be made relevant for modern design. 


Concept & Design: Studio Florian and Christine

Sponsor: The Mills Fabrica

Director & Videography: Ricky Nyhoff

Production: Studio Florian and Christine, Mr Cheung (Fishnet) Aussco (3D Printing) Kong Hing Kau (Metal)

Photography: Studio Florian and Christine, Ricky Nyhoff

Material Supply: Fishy Filaments

Workspace: The Mills Fabrica

The Tai O Light / Heritage Craft Innovation project (sponsored by The Mills Fabrica) explores the intersect of how traditional craft and new innovative material processes can be combined for a modern design context. We collaborated with the local fishermen of Hong Kong to preserve and document the heritage craft of fish net weaving. Simultaneously, we wanted to explore how we could make this heritage craft relevant for modern design. We utilised the craft process of 3D printing to incorporate with fish-net weaving. As a result, we collaborated with 3D printing specialists to push the limits of 3D printing with 100% recycled fish net nylon filament.