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The project ‘Hong Kong Paper Future’ was conducted by Studio Florian and Christine x Studio Alison Chan. Commissioned by deTour 2019 and under the theme of  ‘NEW OLD, OLD NEW’, the project was approached by challenging what it means to innovate through heritage craft and  exploring how old material, such as local waste paper, can be transformed into a new modern light installation. 


Papercraft holds a significant cultural identity to Hong Kong, as many ceremonies involve paper lanterns and the burning of paper offerings. Collaborating with a local papercraft master Au Yeung Ping Chi (Po Wah Paper Craft) we explored the combination of this heritage craft technique with exploring the possibilities of weaving paper into lighting design concepts.  

Simultaneously, the project explored a second quality and technique of post processing waste paper; the crafting process of pulp moulding. Using traditional rice glue, shredded paper was pressed into custom moulds. This craft technique offered the paper a heavier and more sculpted quality.


Through these craft processes, we wanted to create a unique installation space, which not only highlights traditional papercraft techniques, but also presents an old material in a new and relevant design perspective. Through this installation, we wanted to challenge the wasteful consumption of paper, by creating a new perceived value towards this mundane yet transformable material. 

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Concept & Design: Studio Florian and Christine x Studio Alison Chan

Commission | Sponsor: deTour 2019 | PMQ

Production: Studio Florian and Christine x Studio Alison Chan, 

Au Yeung Ping Chi (Po Wah Paper Craft), Kong Hing Kau (Metal)

Photography: Studio Florian and Christine x Studio Alison Chan

Exhibition Space: Design Inspire 2019 & PMQ

Workspace: Makerbay